Freshly Esoteric.

We’re old new, or new old.

Freshoteric was born in 2018 when an artist in NYC decided she had too many brain meat activities in the form of drawrings.


So I had Love Nico- a small clothing company hand-screened in Brooklyn.  We were established in 2004.  It did well, back when there was a structure to the fashion world.

You had a clothing company, and you had a rep.  Your rep knew what they needed to know- the buyers at boutiques and chains, who’s in competition with whom.  Who to call when you make new designs.  Not to trust Delia*s without a contract.  Etc.

Then came a whole overturning of the industry- and here we are today.

Freshoteric is a place to put the designs that can’t be hand-screened, and let the masters at all of the third party websites fulfill the orders completely.  Even if it means taking a huge cut (a typical commission on these sites is 10-20% of a sale, no more).

The reason it exists is because I still run Love Nico- and I wanted to make its designs follow the same format, not having been made by hand, having each order filled by other people- but I just can’t remove the hand-screened from the Love Nico company.   I also had a lot of ideas, designs, graphics, paintings and other creative floobs flowing out of my brain- and I needed a place to collect them all, without having to do anything more than create the official designs.

Which isn’t entirely true, mind you- there’s still a whole day’s work of uploading, tweaking, and finalizing how your graphic looks on those third party websites’ products.

Either way, I’ll be phasing out Love Nico’s cheapies and bringing it back to its original format of high end hand made work (with affordable prices).  And Freshoteric will collect all of the rest of the brain fodder.  This fodder is actually high quality, too- I just can’t make these colors happen in my own studio.  Let someone else handle it, right?

make too much art?

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Freshoteric will be a catch-all line for the excellent fodder which cannot be created through traditional silkscreen methods via Love Nico’s studios.




I hope people get a kick out of my brain children.  Most of my doodles, sketches, too colorful or too witchy designs will end up living in the warm new womb of Freshoteric Designs.

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